LED Recessed Deck Lighting

Lighting a step with LED recessed lights can really make a difference in appearance and safety

Combining different types and styles of deck lighting will provide a balanced feel to your deck after dark. 

Recessed LED deck lights are a great way to define borders, steps and edges as well as making features out of posts, walls, pots, statues or plants.

Rather than giving a large, eye grabbing, amount of light, recessed lights provide a subtle and ambient addition to your deck space.

The can be fitted in softwood decking, hardwood decking or composite decking.

We can supply and fit different shaped recessed deck lights

LED deck lights are available in many shapes and sizes. We can wall, ceiling, post or floor mount them to provide useful, attractive and creative light sources.

LEd deck lighting now comes in plug and play weatherproof kits
Lighting a deck in your garden with LED deck lights is a great idea

LED recessed deck lights can be bought individually, or in waterproof plug and play kits. They come in a variety of colours as well as a colour changing option.

For standard lighting plans, deck light kits can work out more economical than buying separate units.

They can be fitted to work with an outdoor rated switch or may be set up to be switched from inside your property.

We are happy to advise you on what solution will give you the results you want and the best value for money. 

Circular brushed steel blue LED decklights are an attractive addition to any deck