Turf Laying Services


We believe it's important to always source from reputable, established and local growers.

This way we can ensure that your new turf is always of the best and highest quality.

We regularly check our turf quality and compare against other suppliers to make sure that we only have the best quality turf at the best value.

We inspect our turf at every stage it's grown; right through to when it's lifted.

To us, supplying, delivering and laying the freshest possible turf is of the highest importance.

If you ask us to supply you with turf or lay a new lawn or grassed area for you, we can guaruntee that your new turf will probably have been freshly lifted that same day, or at worst, be less than 24 hours old.

Click on the pictures either side to see our actual turf (not a stock photo as most people use) up close and see it being lifted from the field.


As well as supplying luxury turf, we can provide a complete turf laying service for you.

We will lift your existing lawn (if applicable), prepare the ground by taking out any nasty lumps and bumps and professionally lay your new turf on a bed of perfectly suited premium grade blended topsoil to give it the best start in life.

Don't settle for cheap meadow turf
Our luxury turf is harvested daily and shipped wherever, whenever you need it
Our fields of turf are lovingly cared for, producing the best turf in the country