What is Softwood Decking?


Softwood decking is harvested from coniferous trees, which are faster growing and therefore more economical to farm in volume.

The majority is harvested in Europe, from huge tree farms, and then exported to the UK.

Typical species available are: Cedar, Pine, Spruce, Fir, Thuya, Hemlock.

Essex decking and fencing only sources from ethical timber suppliers


Softwood decking will usually come in standard thicknesses, lengths and widths.

Standard thicknesses are: 27mm, 32mm and 38mm.

Widths are usually 120mm or 150mm.

Lengths are typically 2.4M, 3M, 3.6M, 4.2M, 4.8M and 5.4M.

Although less dense than hardwood, softwood is an ideal choice for decking due to its strength, beauty and versatility.

If maintained regularly and correctly, a softwood deck will last many years.

Pine and other softwood decks originate from coniferous trees


For those that have environmental concerns about the worlds disappearing forests; using softwood timber decking is not a contributing factor. For very tree that is harvested, another is planted, making for an Eco friendly sustainable resource.

We only source from reputable, FSC approved timber merchants. We also always endeavour to source our materials locally.

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