LED Deck Strip Lighting

So far as lighting for outdoor spaces goes, LED strip lighting is one of the best developments to hit the market in recent times.

It is relatively inexpensive to buy and costs next to nothing to run. The amazing effects it can produce are limited only by your imagination.

It is available in many single colours or a multi coloured single strip in which you can scroll through colours or combine them to achieve whatever your mood suits. 

The lights we supply come with a nifty remote control; enabling brightness control, pre-set effect functions, effect cycle speed and a unique touch sensitive manual colour selection wheel.

Operating on radio frequency, we can hide the receiver under the decking to give you seamless, remote control.

LED strips can turn the most mundane items or areas into highly attractive features.

Now being waterproof, led strips can up-light or under-light water features and swimming pools.

As well as being stunning to look at, LED strips have many practical features such as lighting steps, ramps and level changes.

Low level, high level or eye level; well placed LED strips can transform any normal to look at space into the fantastic. 

Usually coming in 5M long strips; LED strip lights can be cut to any size or joined to make longer runs.

There is even a module available to make your lights react to sound!

We can fit lights as part of a new deck or add to an existing structure.