Hardwood Decking Species 

Ipe Decking

Ipe decking is one of the hardest woods on earth. Great quality, beautiful coulours
Ipe decking can be oiled to enhance its natural beauty
If you want a tough deck that will stay beautiful for many years, Ipe is a great choice

Because of its amazing strength, Ipe is the premium choice for decking. Measuring on the Janka Scale, Ipe is several times harder than Oak!

It lends itself to a wide range of applications, both commercial and domestic and will provide the 'wow' factor to any space.

It has a rich natural colour than can be further enhanced by a good quality decking oil.

With its exceptional hardness and natural decay resistance properties, Ipe will provide many many years of service.

Garapa Decking

Garapa decking is one of the most popular hardwood deck choices
Garapa hardwood has a natural resistance to decay
Garapa is an attractive reasonably priced hardwood deck

Garapa is a beautifully rich coloured hardwood originating from South America. Finely textured and a smooth sweeping grain makes Garapa an excellent choice for domestic or commercial decking.

Like most hardwoods, it is hard wearing and has a natural resilience to decay. Its warm colour can be enhanced by a number of natural or shaded oils.

Balau Decking

Balau hardwood decking is a great choice for a hardwood deck.
Balau Decking is a very popular hardwood in the UK
Balau has natural rich colour and grain that looks attractive in any setting. Use a good quality decking oil.

Balau (also referred to as Yellow Balau or Bangkirai) is one of the most popular hardwood deck materials in the UK. An interesting and varied grain pattern adds appeal to its rich hue. Naturally occurring reds, golden browns and yellows make Balau a perfect choice for any garden or commercial space.

Iroko Decking

Iroko is a top quality hardwood. One of the best choices for decking
If you want a high end hardwood deck, Iroko is the natural choice
Iroko is a very popular choice for commercial decking such as cafe decking, hotel decking, pub decking and high end garden settings

Iroko is one of the 'go to' hardwood species for high end domestic or commercial decks. Many manufacturers also use Iroko for slatted screening or fencing due to its versatility and beauty. Warm hues range from light to medium brown. Over time, Iroko may darken slightly to add to its warm and smoky appeal.

Mandioqueira Decking
One of the more economically priced hardwood decking options.
Mandioqueria hardwood decking is a very popular deck choice in Essex

Mandioqueira hardwood decking has many of the characteristics of other hardwoods. An interesting and varied grain pattern with warm golden and reddy brown tones. Another popular choice due to it being one of the more reasonably priced species. Finish with a clear oil to bring out its natural beauty, or applying one of the many available colour accented oils will bring it to a shade of your liking.