Composite and Timber Decking Checklist

Basic checklist of things to consider when building a deck:

The look and feel

Will it tie in with its location, i.e nearby buildings, structures, materials used.


Unless we excavate, bear in mind your deck will be on a sub-frame above ground level. This can raise your standing level and may leave you head and shoulders above your fence height.


If its in a particularly sunny area, you may wish to think about a shaded area such as a pergola or gazebo. Additionally, if you choose a timber deck (hardwood or softwood), remember that wood is a natural product and could be affected if in a particularly exposed location, directly under trees or vegetation or subject to extreme temperature changes (e.g. south facing aspect)


If you intend your deck to be underneath trees, you will get bird droppings and leaf fall/twig/branch fallout. Under some species of tree such as Horse Chestnut (conker) trees; every spring you will get a coating of very sticky buds.

If you are planning to dine, entertain or (hopefully) party on your deck; you may not wish to be overlooked by neighbours.

Lighting and Electrics

Think of how you intend to use your deck and if you'll need extra power there. Lighting is very important!. When the sun goes down, you want the oohs and ahhs when the lights go on. Additionally we have found that barbecues are not really that much fun in pitch darkness.


If you want a little privacy, consider if you might need some kind of screening.

If your deck is 30cm or over above the ground, you'll need some form of handrail or balustrade. For safety and insurance reasons!

Sometimes it's nice to define all, or part of your deck with a handrail/balustrade. This will prevent it from resembling a 'stage' and make it feel as though its a separate, dedicated area.

Cooking and fire-pits/chimineas

These are great on a deck but please remember wood is flammable and non fire rated composite can melt.

We can build slabs/tiles or other materials into your deck, to allow you to place these items without cooking your deck as well as your burgers.


We can build and integrate things such as planters, benches, pergolas, water features, flower beds into your deck.

Hardwood deck and surrounding deck planters in Basildon. Built using Balau hardwood decking
Steel wire deck handrail look great. Topped with a deckboard for an attractive matching finish.
Anti slip strips on deck strairs are a great idea for additional safety. Reasonably priced and easy to fit.
Building a pergola on a deck is a great idea to create a dedicated entertaining or dining area. We can give them a solid, waterproof roof, or leave them open for the sun. We can design and build a variety of different shaped pergolas to meet your needs.
We can build storage on your decking that double as benches. Hinged lids hide a tonne of concealed storage space.