Deck Lighting & Electrics

Lighting Your Deck

Lighting for a deck is often overlooked or regarded as an 'extra'.

Deck lighting is an essential & integrated part of the design process.

A well thought out, creative lighting plan can transform your deck and can give it character, mood, theme, practicality, security, safety and of course the 'wow' factor that your'e looking for.


With the advances in deck lighting technology (particularly LED), style and sheer versatility; an amazing lighting plan is perfectly achievable.


A good idea is to consider the key types of lighting to meet all your practical and aesthetic needs.


Deck Feature lighting

Deck Focal point lighting

Deck Ambient lighting

Deck Utility lighting

Deck Security, safety and flood - lighting

LED handrail lighting on a deck can be really effective

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If your deck is going to be used frequently for dining, entertaining or just relaxing; it's always a good idea to consider additional power outlets.

There a number of outdoor rated, weatherproof sockets available that would be a handy addition to your 'room outside'.

Work of this type should always be carried out by a qualified electrician who will ensure any outside electrics are correctly fitted, and properly earthed/fused.

We have electricians we can recommend to you (who are familiar with deck lighting/power), or we are of course happy to work with one of your choosing.

We have found it nearly always more economical and practical to install the electrics at the time the deck is being built rather than at a later date. This will avoid possible damage to your deck by boards being lifted etc. 


Adding extra electrical sockets on your deck can be really handy
You can switch on your deck lighting from inside the house or outside with a weatherproof lightswitch