What is Composite Decking?


So what is composite decking?

Composite decking is a man made alternative to traditional timber decking. It has been around in the U.S for some time now but is rapidly becoming more and more popular in the UK & Europe.

It is manufactured from recycled wood fibres and recycled plastic.

Sometimes referred to as plastic decking, plastic composite decking, waterproof decking, artificial decking or rot proof decking. 

No new trees are harvested to make composite decking. An environmentally friendly deck solution.


Composite decking is available in an extremely varied amount colours and textures.

The bulk of the products are designed to emulate timber decking with simulated grain patterns and colours to match any timber you can imagine.

It is hard, durable, decay and insect proof and of course has the benefit of no splitting, warping, cracking or splinters.

We have found, as is always the case, you tend to get what you pay for. Some of the cheaper offerings decline to mention that their product may not be coated or 'capped' which means the wood fibres in the product are still left exposed and may possibly be affected by mold or decay.

This also means that there is a possibility of colour loss over time.

So therefore, its definitely worth paying a little extra to go with a proven and quality brand.

We have taken the decision not to supply these cheaper products.

Composite decking is maufactured from recycled wood chips and recycled plastic.


At last a building product that is good news for the environment. Using a combination of recycled plastic and wood, means no trees being cut down or factories producing toxic fumes or by-products to make it. However, Choose your brand carefully; we only support companies with ethical manufacturing processes and values. 

Composite decking is vailable in many colours, shades and textures. Trex is one of the best avilable.